Eagles fans are preparing for the worst after seeing Fletcher Cox's IG post

We made the mistake of perusing social media for answers and found more reasons to ask questions.

Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Here's some free advice. Never get too involved with what you see on social media. You'll only frustrate yourselves, especially if you're looking for answers about what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing. That being said, we have to confess to a gross error in judgment, We forgot to follow our own advice a few hours ago.

We regret to inform you that, in a moment of weakness, we pulled out our cellular phones and logged into our IG accounts. The first thing we saw was a Fletcher Cox post. Let this sink in. What's the first thing you think when you see this?

Raise your hands if you made the same mistake that we did and fell down the rabbit hole of reading the comments that followed.

Fletcher Cox's recent IG post has quite a few Eagles fans up in arms (even though there's no reason to be).

Okay, we'll be fair. Weirdly, we can see why those of you who are worried should be. This can be spun several different ways, especially after receiving the news we heard about Jason Kelce. He STILL hasn't officially announced anything at the time of this story's release if you haven't noticed. That's another take for another day though. That still won't stop the speculation though.

The rumors are hot and heavy. Are three members of the 'core four' out of here? Might Cox and B.G. move on? Could Philly truly lose three of its locker-room leaders? You've been on social media long enough to know how it works.

Let's make ourselves a promise, shall we? Most of us have already committed to doing so. We suggest you do the same. Let's avoid making determinations about what this means until we have a real reason to do so.

Emotions are high. Theories vary from one person to the next. But again, no one knows anything, and the comment section of an IG post is the wrong place to search for answers. Remember, Jason Kelce hasn't officially retired yet. Let's give it a few days, wait on an actual announcement and reassess at that point.

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