A football life: Fred Bruney's son Ritchie shares the former Eagles coach's story

In an exclusive sit-down with Fred Burney, the former Eagles coach's son, Ritchie, discusses the player, coach, and man that his father was.
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Out of all of his teams, the Eagles were some of Fred's best coaching memories

As a coach, Bruney was a part of many different organizations. But during the interview, it became clear that the Eagles were one of, if not his favorite.

Some of Bruney's favorite players to coach were a part of the Eagles during his tenure there. Herm Edwards, according to Bruney's son, was "probably his favorite guy to coach." This stemmed from his coachability and leadership skills, eventually leading Edwards to become a coach himself.

On top of Edwards, Richie said Fred viewed Roynell Young as "having the best cover skills in the NFL at one point in time" and "the most talented defense back he coached outside of Deion (Sanders)." Fred Bruney coached Sanders in Atlanta and, according to Richie, had a key role in his development as a player.

Some of Fred Bruney's best memories also came during his Eagles tenure as well. Richie mentioned the 1980 NFC Championship against the Cowboys as Fred's "favorite coaching experience." Bruney was proud to reach the Super Bowl and have a chance to reach the threshold that "every coach and player wants to have a chance to participate in."

The other memory Richie mentioned was of the final game of the 1985 NFL season, in which Fred Bruney served as the interim head coach. The Eagles won the game, giving Bruney a perfect career record as a head coach.

" I remember sitting in our family room there in Medford, and my dad said, ' Richie, we're going to go deep on the first play of the game if we get the ball. We're going to put up some points,' And I don't know if you know this, but the Eagles scored 37 points, which was the highest number of points the Eagles had scored in four years...That was a very proud moment for him. "