A football life: Fred Bruney's son Ritchie shares the former Eagles coach's story

In an exclusive sit-down with Fred Burney, the former Eagles coach's son, Ritchie, discusses the player, coach, and man that his father was.
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If here today, Bruney would love the modern iteration of the Philadelphia Eagles

How much professional athletes have changed over the years is very well known. This is very apparent in the NFL, as players have only gotten faster and stronger over the years. As a result, I asked Richie how his dad, who sadly passed away in 2016, would view the current version of the Eagles.

"He would love the opportunity to coach these athletes today. The Eagles' roster today is probably equivalent to the '86 Bears. They are big and strong where they need to be. They are fast and quick where they have to be. My dad would be excited about the upcoming season."

In the game of football, Fred Bruney had as complete of a career as almost anybody. He impacted players by instilling toughness and hard work into them. But most importantly, Bruney had the utmost belief in those that he surrounded himself with, as his son explained to me in the interview. Fred's family would pick all of the NFL games occurring that weekend, and no matter the opponent, he would always choose the Eagles.

"My dad would always circle Eagles, because he always believed his team had the best chance to win. He felt that the people he surrounded himself with daily were people that had a love of football, were tough, were smart, and put in the time and effort. "

This belief in others is what was key to Fred and is what he would want the Eagles to value the most this year.

"As long as that Eagles team today does that kind of stuff, they're going to end up winning the Super Bowl this upcoming year. And my dad wouldn't think anything different."

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