Former rival applauds the Eagles for their business acumen

Justin Pugh, Philadelphia Eagles news
Justin Pugh, Philadelphia Eagles news / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Sadly, everyone can't enjoy the same lifestyles that Kenny Pickett and Mike Trout enjoy. The former is a native of Ocean Township, New Jersey. He grew up a Philadelphia Eagles fan, and this season, he will live the dream of playing for his favorite football team. The latter has also been a Birds fan his whole life and living the dream.

Perhaps you have heard of him. He's an 11-time All-Star and a three-time American League MVP (2014, 2016, 2019). Yeah... Most of us can't relate to either of those guys' stories.

As a matter of fact, many professionals, athletes or otherwise, can't claim to live a life as rich as theirs. We still tip our hat to them.

Justin Pugh is one such athlete, the third lifelong Eagles fan of our tale, he was a 2013 first-round pick of the New York Giants. Sheesh. Sucks for him. He never lost his keen insight into Eagles football though. Recently, he applauded Philly for its business acumen following the debut of Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants

Who would have thought that a documentary about the Giants would give Eagles fans so much to talk about.

We have discussed much since the debut of Hard Knocks' first-ever take on an NFL team's offseason before the training camp. The biggest takeaway, whether fair or unfair, is Joe Schoen doesn't know what he is talking about or doing.

Pugh checked in recently with a post on X that caught the eyes of some and went unnoticed by others. Here's some of what was said to benefit the latter grouping.

"It’s unfair to compare the way the spend vs . The Eagles take on more risk by front-loading cash and spreading out signing bonuses. They’ve hit on those players and it’s worked out but…."

The conversation then shifted to the NFL's Sunday Ticket lawsuit. "This Sunday Ticket lawsuit could negatively impact the salary cap and it would hurt teams that spend like the and . They rely heavily on the cap increasing every year. We will see how it plays out."

Some disagree. Others won't. Pugh, however, is correct in that Philly's GM, Howie Roseman, is proactive, and that helps in an environment where others are afraid to take financial risks and pay for them later.

The 4th is in our rearview mirror. Training camp approaches. As Pugh states, the Eagles will rely on their faith in an annually increasing salary cap.

Saquon Barkley's three-year, $37.75 million contract will continue to be an area of focus. We'll see what's said about that during coming episodes of Hard Knocks and when the Eagles begin playing football this season.

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