Hard Knocks masterfully displays a Giants blunder the Eagles capitalized on

Those who have tired of Hard Knocks may find intrigue in the most recent episode. Watch Giants GM miscalculate a few details about Saquon Barkley's value.
Joe Schoen (L), Brian Daboll (R), New York Giants
Joe Schoen (L), Brian Daboll (R), New York Giants / Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports

With each passing year, the near-100-year feud that exists between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants continues spewing venom. More often than not, the Birds have taken the measure of their rivals from Gotham, but that hasn't stopped fans of these two proud franchises from exchanging verbal jabs. Philly's head coach, Nick Sirianni has even participated in the trash talk. Wouldn't you know it? Eagles legends have too.

Philly has owned Big Blue on the field though. Since 2008, the Eagles have won 22 of the past 29 meetings, and now, it appears they are kicking the G-Men's tails off the field.

Who would have thought that we'd be thanking Hard Knocks for a captivating visual.

Watch as Giants GM Joe Schoen and his team swing and miss in their analysis of Saquon Barkley's market.

Hard Knocks takes its lumps. The training camp version has gotten predictable. Most teams don't want HBO's cameras around. Now, there's an in-season version and another that follows offseason activity.

The latter debuted on July 2nd. We thought we'd be bored to tears by the New York Giants being spotlighted, but if the first episode is any indication of what to expect, we're in for some fireworks. Perhaps you have heard. The first episode of Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants brought the 4th of July holiday a tad early.

That was Giants GM Joe Schoen and his team miscalculating Saquon Barkley's value and the lengths other NFL teams will be willing to go to land him. Perhaps you have heard. Philly, again one of the Giants' biggest rivals, acquired him on March 13 and gave him a three-year deal. This adds fuel to a few fires. Here are three you may have seen burning if you have been paying attention.

One, Giants fans have blamed the wrong guy for Saquon's departure. They're burning the former Penn State star's jersey while Joe Schoen, New York's general manager since 2022, is a larger part of why the two-time Pro Bowler moved on.

Second, there has been discussion, often whispered, that Howie Roseman continues receiving the acclaim he doesn't deserve. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ask another new NFC East GM, Adam Peters. He recently witnessed Howie's acumen first-hand on draft day.

Third, and here's where we'll leave this, Saquon Barkley's revenge tour is one we'll be attending. As is always the case, the Birds play the Giants twice this season. The dates are October 20 at 1 pm EST (Week 7) and Week 18. The time for the latter game has yet to be determined.

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