Four ingredients for an Eagles recipe to getting back on another winning streak

Despite a 10-4 record, the Eagles have regressed, but we have the keys to turning things around.
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Philly's defense must find a way to get off the field on third down.

The Eagles have been inadequate on third down against their opposition as of late. They entered Week 16 having been ranked last in the NFL in allowing third-down conversions. They have allowed opposing offenses to convert at a 47.69% clip this year. This is further evidence that they are bad at defending the pass.

The Seahawks converted 42% of their third down attempts against the Eagles. Philadelphia hasn't held any team to a 40% conversion rate or lower since Week 9 when Dallas converted 40% on the game's most crucial down.

The Eagles have allowed high conversion rates versus the Kansas City Chiefs (47%). the Buffalo Bills (59%), the 49ers (72%), and in their second game versus the Cowboys (56%). Until Philadelphia fixes its third-down problems, its chances of a deep playoff run reduce substantially.