Four ingredients for an Eagles recipe to getting back on another winning streak

Despite a 10-4 record, the Eagles have regressed, but we have the keys to turning things around.
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
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Jalen Hurts' can't keep turning the ball over. He has regressed as a passer since last season.

Jalen Hurts has enjoyed a few good games this year, but his passing numbers are either average or below average in several contests. He isn't exceeding 250+ yards passing or throwing multiple touchdowns as often as you would like.

Philly's QB1 has thrown for 200 yards or fewer five times, and he has done so in each of the Eagles' last two contests. In two games, he barely exceeded the 200-yard threshold (207 and 200 yards). Nine times he has thrown one or zero passing touchdowns.

Hurts has also been turnover-prone, throwing at least one interception and/or a lost fumble in 11 of 14 games this year. He has multiple turnovers in five contests this year. He has set a new career-high in interceptions (12). His previous high was nine (in 15 contests during his first full season as the starting quarterback in 2021).

Through 14 starts this year, Hurts' 2023 season looks eerily similar to 2021. His current quarterback rating is 89.9 (He finished with an 87.2 rating two years ago). He has 19 passing touchdowns and 12 interceptions this year (compared to 16 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 2021). An MVP-level player has to be better.