Four ingredients for an Eagles recipe to getting back on another winning streak

Despite a 10-4 record, the Eagles have regressed, but we have the keys to turning things around.
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
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In conclusion: How worried should Eagles fans be?

Hurts' passing numbers drift back and forth from someone who's a top-ten talent to someone sitting on the outside of the top half of starters in the league. He entered Week 16 ranked 11th in passing yards. He was tied for 13th in touchdown passes. He was tied for fourth among quarterbacks with the most interceptions. He ranked 18th in quarterback rating.

Here's some good analysis from former Eagle Brian Baldinger.

Philly's offense hasn't played well. There's no doubt about it. Couple that with the inconsistent play of the defense, and the Eagles are a team that is seemingly headed toward freefalling with less than a month separating them from the postseason.

If the offense plays well during the remaining regular season contests, that could convince concerned fans that the team has turned a corner in preparation for the playoffs. Then again, you never know. Those last three losses still sting heavily.

The competition gets tougher during the postseason. Philly lost their stranglehold on the top seed in the NFC. Opportunities have most certainly been squandered.

The defense has proven to be unreliable. Hurts isn't playing well. If this continues, the season will end in the Wild Card or Divisional Round of the postseason.

There's much to be concerned about, but there's also time to fix things. After all, a month ago, we were viewing this team as a Super Bowl contender.

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