3 huge Eagles surprises, a pair of disappointments from 1st half of Philly's season

The first half of the Eagles season produced both nice surprises and minor disappointments.

Nolan Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
Nolan Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Biggest disappointments: Eagles lose to the Jets.

Prior to Week 6's matchup with the New York Jets, the Eagles had never lost to the Big Apple's other football team. They were undefeated in 12 previous meetings.

Welp, the streak is over. Now, we'll be honest. We thought that was possible, but that was also when we thought Aaron Rodgers would be playing. We sure as heck didn't see a loss to Zach Wilson and company coming.

Oh well, we'll get those sons of guns in 2027 when they're scheduled to play again. That is, unless of course these teams meet again in one of the next three Super Bowls.

Another unexpected disappointment: Nolan Smith's slow start

Philly was granted some good fortune in Round 1 of the most recent NFL Draft. Most would have been happy had Philadelphia landed Jalen Carter or Nolan Smith, and the Eagles managed to land both of them.

Carter is off to a torrid start in his rookie season. That hasn't been the case for Mr. Smith. Nolan has been a valuable addition to the special teams unit. He only owns one sack though, and the Birds haven't relied on him in big situations.

Now, some of that is the result of the defense's embarrassment of riches. With so many talented pass rushers, Philly hasn't had to ask its rookie to do much, but we believe he'll be fine and will be a great contributor for years to come.

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