Immediate questions after Eagles 2nd preseason game that need more immediate answers

Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles
Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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As expected, following the Eagles' second preseason game, we have a lot of questions about Philly's roster.

That was a long game. Now, we don't want to make light of serious situations. Injuries led to longer than normal stoppages. Two players had to be stabilized and carted off of the field. We hope that everyone that got hurt is going to be okay. Still, as much as we love Philadelphia Eagles football, a three-and-one-half-hour game is a bit much for the preseason, especially when that game ends in an 18-18 tie.

Philly stacked 16 first downs. Nine came by way of the pass. Six came by way of rushing attempts, and another came by way of a penalty. The Birds converted two of ten third-down attempts. That has to be better. They also can't give up 399 yards of total offense, but as we look ahead to the final title versus Shane Steichen and the Indianapolis Colts, we have other questions on our minds.

Are the Eagles truly as deep at the cornerback position as we keep stating they are?

As exciting as Eli Ricks' pick-six interception was versus the Baltimore Ravens, those who are a tad more level-headed stayed true to a theory. Let's not panic. We need to see more.

Days later, Ricks was burned on a long TD pass. That's okay. He's a rookie, and we're only talking about his second preseason game in the NFL. There are other things to consider though.

Zech McPhearson is one of the Eagles' best special teams players. Now, he's injured. Kelee Ringo isn't ready.

Darius Slay and James Bradberry are phenomenal, but they're also aging. If they get hurt and Philly has to fix its secondary, we have to be honest. This group though stocked may have some issues if Slay and/or James miss time.

Keep that in the back of your minds as we move forward. Here are a few other questions we'll be mulling over as well.