Jalen Hurts Week 6 report card after tough loss in what's been his mini-house of horrors

We saw the best and worst of Jalen Hurts during Week 6 of the Eagles season, but strangely, this isn't the first time this has happened at MetLife Stadium.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 6, the Philadelphia Eagles traveled to a familiar venue, one they visit every season. This time, however, the trip to that dump more commonly known as MetLife Stadium was taken to battle the New York Jets, not the New York Giants. There isn't a Birds fan walking in the Delaware Valley or anywhere else that doesn't know what happened there.

Philly lost a strange-looking game. Their star quarteback, Jalen Hurts, wasn't himself. Believe it or not, and here's the worst part, this is his second clunker in a football game played in New Jersey as QB1 of the Eagles. Remember 12 of the 2021 season?

It may be excessive to call MetLife Stadium a 'house of horrors' for Jalen Hurts, but weird things have happened to him there before.

QB1 wasn't himself in Week 6. That was obvious, but here's something else of note. If you remember, he had a similar game on the road in this same venue versus the hated Giants in 2021. Stop us if any of this sounds familiar.

On November 8th of that season, Hurts, in his first full campaign as the starter, walked into MetLife to play a Giants team that the Eagles should have beaten handily. Philly lost by a 13-7 final score.

Hurts completed 14 of 31 pass attempts. He carried the ball eight times for 77 yards. He tossed three interceptions and zero TDs.

This past Sunday, he missed on 17 of 45 pass attempts. He only tossed one TD while throwing three interceptions, and he racked up a QBR of 54.3 while also posting a 59.5 rating.

Again, he carried the ball eight times, but this time for only 47 yards rushing. He made some great plays. He had some ugly-looking throws like that final interception.

We could argue that the first two picks weren't on Jalen. Dallas Goedert dropped a pass that ricocheted into the arms of a defender. Hurts' second INT was a floater that resulted from him taking a shot from Jermaine Johnson who had beaten Jack Driscoll on a rush. Driscoll was subbing for an injured Lane Johnson.

Okay, so calling MetLife Stadium a 'house of horrors' for Hurts may have been excessive. He's had fine showngs there. He torched the Giants last season, but you have to admit that all of this is interesting.

Philly had never lost to the Jets. They can no longer say that. They're now 12-1 versus Gang Green, and this loss will sting for a few more days.

Maybe we're superstitious and shouldn't be. Maybe we're right and this was some late bad mojo that caught up with the Birds following Friday the 13th. Just look at everything that occurred.

Lane Johnson, our 'iron man', got hurt. DeVonta Smith had the first true off-game of his career that we can remember. Jake Elliott even missed what should have been an easy field goal for him.

Now, we must be fair. We have to acknowledge that, in a football world where we use terms like 'Super Bowl hangover' often, the Birds should be commended for a 5-1 start to the season. They have managed injuries and taken teams' best shots, but they're still a true Super Bowl contender.

Sure, there was no reason for them to lose THIS game, but would you rather be an Eagles fan or a Jets fan right now? That's what we thought. Here are the final grades for Hurts' performance.

  • Accuracy: B-/C
  • Vision: B-
  • Intangibles: A+
  • Decision-making: C
  • Leadership: A
  • Overall grade: C