James Bradberry & six other Eagles to wear the number 24 jersey

  • It's hard to tell the Eagles story without bringing up the guys that played here.
  • Many of the franchise's colorful characters have rocked the number 24 jersey.
  • Here's a tip of the cap to James Bradberry and a few others.
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Ryan Mathews: Running Back

After rushing for 1,000 yards twice in his five years with the San Diego Chargers, Ryan Mathews was looking to up his game even more in the up-tempo offense Chip Kelly brought to the City of Brotherly Love when he joined the Eagles in 2015.

Well, that didn't happen. He instead ran for a combined 1,200 yards during 26 games that spanned two NFL seasons. He also experienced difficulty in staying healthy. He tacked a lot of TDs onto his resume. He scored 14 in Eagles green, but he never elevated past the average level. Oh well... The running back position is a tough one to play.

Darius Slay: Cornerback

Before James Bradberry suited up in the number 24 last season, his running mate, fellow defensive back Darius Slay, wore the digits in 2020.

Slay was traded to the Eagles from the Detroit Lions in the spring of 2020 and couldn't wear his lucky number 23 jersey with his new team because it was already owned by Rodney McLeod. He chose to wear the number 24 in honor of the late basketball great Kobe Bryant as a backup option.

In the only season that he wore the number 24 ensemble, he notched 59 tackles, six pass deflections, and one interception in 15 regular-season games. He wasn't the first Eagle to wear the number. Obviously, he won't be the last, but he did a fine job when he did, and in truth, that's all that most of us could ask for.

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