Unforgettable Jason Kelce moments that are of the non-football variety

Well, you had to know this was coming. Here are a handful of our favorite memories that the G.O.A.T. has given us.

Jason Kelce,  Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade / Aaron P. Bernstein/GettyImages
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Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and Jordan Mailata drop a Christmas album (and it charts).

Here's one of those times when I truly felt like Jason Kelce could do whatever he wanted and do so at a high level. How about that time he recorded a Christmas studio album with teammates?

Recording an album is one thing. Releasing that album is something else. Seeing that album achieve commercial success and take its place atop Billboard’s compilations ranking is something else entirely. As funny as this might sound, there are times when I listen to portions of A Philly Special Christmas and it isn't the holiday season.

Remember that time Jason Kelce played the saxophone with the Philadelphia Orchestra?

Yeah... About that 'Jason Kelce can do anything sentiment... Who knew? The future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee can play the saxophone! Meanwhile, I have never been able to get the sound I'm looking for to come out of a woodwind instrument.

I'm jealous. No seriously. I'm truly jealous.

The G.O.A.T. caught all of us off guard by performing at The Mann Center before a few thousand Eagles fans for the special event. He joined students from the Philly area and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Yeah, my mind is still blown after this one.