Jets star Quincy Williams gives major kudos to Eagles legend Brian Dawkins

The 2023 First-Team All-Pro pays homage to an Eagles legend.

Quincy Williams, New York Jets
Quincy Williams, New York Jets / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It's always fun to see who the guys we cheer for are fans of. Think about it. There have been a ton of great boxers, but at some point, they found themselves studying Muhammad Ali. Everyone has a favorite rap artist, but ask anyone in the know. They'll tell you. Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper was Rakim. EVERYONE, regardless of the sport they chose to play in, chose to rock a pair of Jordans or some of his gear. Think about it. Have you ever seen Tom Brady wear a Peyton Manning jersey?

What's the point? We're glad you asked. Even the great ones had someone they looked up to. Just ask Jets star linebacker Quincy Williams. Our FanSided family at Stacking The Box chatted with him in Vegas ahead of Super Bowl LVIII.

Who did the 2023 First-Team All-Pro look up to as a young lad? Buckle up. He's probably your favorite player too

Jets star Quincy Williams names Brian Dawkins as the NFL star he idolized growing up.

Somewhere, there's a young boy or girl tossing footballs through a tire in the backyard. He's asking himself if he can be the next Jalen Hurts. That's how it starts. Ask any NFL star.

Jalin Hyatt, on the other hand, was trying to go deep like DeSean Jackson while Williams was probably trying to run through guys and knock them over. Does that sound like someone you know?

When asked who his favorite player was as a lad, Williams named one of ours.. Brian Dawkins.

"(My) favorite player growing up was Brian Dawkins, off the top. Brian Dawkins and Kam Chancellor. I played safety at first, and I liked those big-hit-type players. That's how I play! You feel me?"

Yes Quincy... We feel you! We absolutely do! While the young star may wear the wrong shade of green, he's certainly alright with us. We can't promise we'll be cheering for him, especially every four years when Philly pays the Jets, but it's good to see young lads who respect the game. Quincy Williams definitely qualifies.

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