Jon Ritchie offers unfiltered response to Britain Covey's take on Eagles collapse

Britain Covey, now officially a spokesperson for all things Eagles, has captured the attention of one of Philly's most popular radio shows.

Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles
Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

How long has it been since the Philadelphia Eagles went belly-up versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round? We hate to ask questions AND answer them, but we will. At the time of this story's release, it hasn't even been a month, so why does it feel like six months have gone by? Maybe we can answer that too. It feels like this coming Super Bowl will add to the misery regardless of who the winner is.

I hate the San Francisco 49ers. There it is! I said it! And, I'm sick of seeing Andy Reid win big games more and more often by doing what he was never able to do in Philly.

Losing Super Bowl LVII was painful enough. It was doubly so because Philly collapsed versus Andy Reid. It was Big Red that stole our second Vince Lombardi Trophy from us. This season was supposed to right the wrong. It didn't.

The collapse came well before that though. But, how did Britain Covey become the spokesperson for all of Philly's drama? One minute, he's on the front line and trying to quiet false narratives birthed from his comments about Eagles teammate Jalen Hurts. The next, he's airing family business during Super Bowl Media Week.

Longtime WIP-FM mainstay and former Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie answers

As you might expect, Covey's comments have found their way from Las Vegas back to the East Coast. Jon Ritchie, co-host of 94 WIP-FM's Morning Show, offered his take on Covey's theories.

"I am stunned and I am not happy if I am the Eagles' organization that the punt returner, now granted, he had a really great year as a punt returner... You don't want the guy who returns punts to say anything and then the fact that he's getting into miscommunications with the coaches? Holy cow! Emotionally tired, he's speaking for the team. The guy who returns punts! He's backing up how terrible of a disaster this entire season was. You do not need to validate how terrible this season was, especially if you are the punt returner".

If we aren't discussing coaching carousels and rumors, we're going back and forth about internal drama and disconnects with coaches. We'll be overjoyed when we can discuss football again.

This Eagles organization isn't the cohesive bunch it was at this time last February. That's going to change if we're to expect a bounce back in 2024

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