Landon Dickerson calls playing for the Eagles a 'bright spot in my life'

Philadelphia Eagles starting guard, Landon Dickerson, spoke with the media for the first time since signing a huge, four-year contract extension.

Landon Dickerson, Philadelphia Eagles
Landon Dickerson, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Philadelphia Eagles starting guard, Landon Dickerson, spoke to the media in a press conference on a Tuesday afternoon following the news of his four-year contract extension. It's a special day, The deal makes him the highest-paid guard in NFL history! Yes, you heard that right.

Dickerson was drafted by the Eagles in 2021. He's a six-foot-six, 332-pound, athletic blocker that has been tremendous for our team thus far. Howie Roseman and the front office were very quick to get him extended, proving his importance to the team.

In the press conference, the now-two-time Pro Bowler spoke on his initial thoughts and feelings on the extension, his former teammate Jason Kelce, the state of the offensive line. Oh yeah... and what he plans to buy with some of the $84 million guaranteed.

Landon Dickerson shares his affection for Philadelphia and never planned on signing anywhere else.

When Dickerson was asked about his initial thoughts on his new deal, the first words out of his mouth were, "Super excited!" He shared his appreciation to the front office for believing in him and did not hesitate to share his love for playing in Philadelphia, calling it the "bright spot" in his life. He also mentioned that he never planned on looking to sign anywhere else this offseason:

"To me it reiterates how much, you know, the coaches and Howie and Mr. Lurie want to keep me around here and I absolutely love being here and I really didn't plan on going anywhere else, don't tell Howie that though."

Dickerson deserves to be the highest-paid guard in the league as he's been performing exceptionally well on the field. He ranked number one in ESPN's 2023 interior offensive line run block win rate, finishing last season with a win rate of 81 percent, winning 324 run blocks out of 399 run plays. With the recent addition of Saquon Barkley, run plays will be emphasized this year and our offensive line is the best equipped to handle it. 

Dickerson praises Jason Kelce and believes he can step up in a leadership role.

Since 2021, Landon Dickerson improved immensely, solidifying himself as a starter, a Pro Bowler, and a crucial part of the Eagles' offense. With the recent retirement of All-Star center Jason Kelce, extending Landon Dickerson was critical for the state of the offensive line. Dickerson had the luxury of playing with Kelce for the past three seasons. He praised Jason Kelce during his press conference and answered whether he could take over his role as a leader:

"I think moving forward, obviously going into my fourth year now I think I can absolutely step up and have more of that leadership role. I know it's nearly impossible to replace somebody like Jason Kelce. What he did for not only his teammates but the city around him, there's only one of him and I think there will ever only be one of him. So, big shoes to fill, but absolutely I'm going to embrace every role that comes to me and whatever this team needs."

Love to hear it. The Eagles need current players who have learned from Kelce and can continue to lead as he did on the field and off. One thing Jason was a master at was reading defenses, and when asked what the next step in his career would be, Dickerson acknowledged his duty to step up in that aspect as well:

"For me it's going to be more of a role of looking at defenses, and I know its hard to replace what Kelce was able to see and do, being more involved in trying to, you know, have a game plan that's going to be good and having to check things on the fly and over communicating things...just really increasing that role overall"

Now, if you are wondering what Dickerson will do with his new check, the answer is simple: a new lawn mower. Dickerson is hilariously honest when asked what he plans on doing with his money:

"I mean I have a financial advisor for a reason. I don't know, I may go get a new lawn mower, it's something I've been looking into."

Philly - protect this man at all costs. Congrats to Landon Dickerson on becoming the highest-paid guard in NFL History. The honor is well deserved.

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