Lane Johnson channels his inner-Terminator for a social media-breaking show of athleticism

We've seen Lane Johnson's Mr. Universe-style drops before. He has outdone himself this time.

Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

We've always said Lane Johnson was an alien. We hate to bring this up, but it's a part of his story. Early hiccups and suspensions cast him in a negative light. The second was questionable and possibly a misunderstanding, but who knew? Since turning his life around, he's been the author of better decision-making, and as it turns out, the Philadelphia Eagles star didn't need any medical enhancements.

As good as Lane was early, he's gotten even better in the second act of his professional career. His head coach, Nick Sirianni, calls him the best tackle in all of football, and Lane's play on the field has done nothing to discredit that. He's also a bit of a social media phenomenon.

His X handle, at last look, was a tad over 100,000 followers from reaching a half million. And, even when he's the subject of the postings of other authors, he's always good for a double-take.

Lane Johnson tries his best to break social media with yet another awe-inspiring post.

Lane Johnson's X account is a cool place to hang out as he always offers mental health advice on Mondays. We've seen his Mr. Universe-style drops before. Recently we saw another, though not on his own account. Still, that doesn't make this one any less interesting.

Well, that answers a lot of questions. Couple that type of strength with the athleticism we know this guy is capable of displaying, and it's no wonder why no one gets a sack when lined up across from this guy.

He'll again line up at the right side of the Eagles' offensive line. Philly's offensive front will look different this season without Jason Kelce, but they're in good hands with Lane as the new leader in the O-line's meeting room.

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