Las Vegas Sphere lights up the skies with a stunning Eagles Super Bowl ring visual

The Las Vegas Sphere is a phenomenal work of art, and recently, it blessed us with an even more phenomenal display.
Philadelphia Eagles, Las Vegas Sphere
Philadelphia Eagles, Las Vegas Sphere / PATRICK T. FALLON/GettyImages

It's kind of been a quiet week in Las Vegas. Yeah right... Super Bowl media week. A game most Philadelphia Eagles fans won't care about and Bird sightings galore, of both current stars and franchise legends have been commonplace. Then, the Sphere at the Venetian Resort had to take things to new levels.

The Las Vegas Sphere is an enteratinment and music arena that sits east of the Las Vegas Strip. Formerly known as the MSG Sphere (it was designed by Populous and birthed by the Madison Square Garden Company), this 18,600-seat auditorium (forgive us if the numbers are slightly off) is an audio and video spectacle.

It's home to a 16K resolution wraparound interior LED screen, and recently, it showcased a visual that should bring a smile to the face of every Eagles fan.

The Las Vegas Sphere lights the skies up with a beautiful depiction of the Eagles' Super Bowl LII ring.

You want 4D visual effects? The Sphere has you covered. If beamforming and wave field synthesis technology s more of your flavor (whatever that means), the Sphere has you covered there too. Here's something more interesting (and, we'll try to say this in English).

The Vegas skies were lit up on February 6th with a huge 16K-styled look at the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl LII ring. Take a look.

We may not be able to enunciate how the LED displays work or how cool it looks to see a 366-foot-tall Super Bowl LII Championship ring. Here's what we can say though.

We're fired up! We want another one! The 2024 Eagles season can't get here fast enough. We want another Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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