Matchups and predictions for the Eagles NFC East Rivals in Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season

  • The Eagles are kings who stay Kings
  • The Giants are embarrassing
  • The Commanders might be good, but not good enough
  • This week marks the official start of Dak's interception era
Daniel Jones, New York Giants
Daniel Jones, New York Giants / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Washington Commanders versus the Chicago Bears

This is the Thursday Night Football game this week. We have seen some absolute duds of prime-time football games this year. Many have involved NFC East teams. There was the Week 1 Cowboys/Giants blowout and the aforementioned Seahawks/Giants blowout. And, who could forget the Week 3 49ers/Giants blowout?

Hmmm… Wait a minute… All of those games involve the Giants. Maybe they’re the common denominator here.

Anyway, regardless of that fact, this game could and should also be a blowout. Unfortunately, it will be one where the Commanders come out on top.

Commanders offense versus Bears defense

This will be quick. The Bears don’t have a functional defense (imagine that). They're also the NFL's worst team. They're actually staring up at a Denver Broncos defense that allowed 70 points in a single game. The Commanders’ offense, as it turns out, might be pretty good.

Granted, the Eagles played Washington using soft coverages, and that allowed wide receivers Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson, and Curtis Samuel to consistently get open and produce intermediate gains. They’re probably going to find success in getting open versus the defensive secondary that the Bears field.

Running backs Brian Johnson and Antonio Gibson also add punch. The former ran very well versus an Eagles defense that has defended the run very well this season. Granted he only rushed for 45 yards in that game, but that's the best we have seen versus Philly.

He should be able to produce 100 yards rushing or more. The Commanders could grab a lead early and try to kill the clock for most of the second half. 

Quarterback Sam Howell might’ve played his best game versus the Eagles in Week 4. He was slinging the ball and putting it in some pretty tight spots.

Can he consistently produce that type of performance? Maybe, maybe not. If he is, this is the game where we figure to see him do so.