Matchups and predictions for the Eagles NFC East Rivals in Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season

  • The Eagles are kings who stay Kings
  • The Giants are embarrassing
  • The Commanders might be good, but not good enough
  • This week marks the official start of Dak's interception era
Daniel Jones, New York Giants
Daniel Jones, New York Giants / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Giants offense versus Dolphins defense

The Giants’ offense is physically incapable of scoring enough to keep up with the Dolphins. Daniel Jones very well could be the worst quarterback in the NFC East, and that's true by a huge margin. 

He’s thrown at least one interception in every game this season. He has thrown just two touchdowns (both came versus the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2). That isn't what you want from your $160 million quarterback. The Dolphins’ secondary isn’t exactly a group of fear-inducing ball-hawks. That may not matter in this one.

Through four weeks, Jones' top two pass catchers are tight end Darren Waller and wide receiver Darius Slayton. They have 15 receptions for 153 yards and 11 receptions for 132 yards respectively. That’s not what you want or need in order to be a competitive offense in 2023. 

New York has had to play without star running back Saquon Barkley for the past two weeks. It’s looking like he might return in Week 5. That will certainly help, but he’s running behind a very very bad offensive line.

That offensive line allowed 11 sacks in Week 4. That’s BRUTAL.

The Dolphins’ defense is allowing an average of over 29 points per game (PPG), but that really seems like nothing to worry about. The number is juiced up by their games versus the Bills and Los Angeles Chargers, two good teams with two good offenses. 

Prediction: Dolphins -11

This Dolphins team is too good for the Giants to keep up with. There could be some rainy weather. Maybe that hinders some of what the Fins offense does and limits Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, but Miami's tailbacks provide huge issues as well.