Matchups and predictions for every Eagles NFC East rival in Week 6 of the 2023 NFL season

  • The Eagles remain undefeated.
  • The Commanders are ruthlessly inconsistent.
  • The Giants are just a group of guys and not a football team.
  • The Cowboys did that thing where they lose in a pathetic fashion.
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Bills offense versus Giants defense

You can look at Josh Allen’s tendency to throw really terrible interceptions and understand how they can be back-breaking to the Bills’ offense. The fact of the matter is that those don’t come in the most high leverage of situations.

Sure, his three picks in Week 1 versus the Jets were tough to watch and led directly to the Bills losing that game, but since then, he has only thrown two that have been arm punts.

One he threw from his own 40-yard line. It was intercepted at the opposing team's 19. The other was thrown from his own 41-yard line and it was intercepted at the 7. Those aren’t super brutal.

Other than that, the Bills are high-powered. The loss in Week 4 was in London, and Buffalo thought they could beat jet lag by leaving for London on Friday. I don’t know if it was Father Time or his brother, Uncle ‘Don’t Cross the Prime Meridian and Play Football Two Days Later’ but whoever it was, certainly made the Bills look very sluggish and they played poorly because of it. 

The Giants’ defense? Sheesh. They’re largely to blame for the Giants being the owners of a -91-point differential. Yes, it’s technically a defense. In reality, it’s just 11 fellas who just hang out together on a football field.

Prediction: With Daniel Jones, Bills -14.5. Without Daniel Jones, Giants +14.5

Daniel Jones is currently questionable to play in this game because of a neck injury. That’s important because he has a record of 1-12 in Prime Time games, which is hilariously awful and almost hard to believe. 

If Jones is out, that means Tyrod Taylor is going to be the quarterback for the Giants. Tyrod Taylor could POTENTIALLY be a spark that this team needs on offense to cover a two-touchdown spread, and maybe just lose by like, 13 points.

Don’t get me wrong, the Giants are still going to get whomped, but Tyrod would keep it a two-score game rather than a four-score game.