Matchups and predictions for every Eagles NFC East rival in Week 6 of the 2023 NFL season

  • The Eagles remain undefeated.
  • The Commanders are ruthlessly inconsistent.
  • The Giants are just a group of guys and not a football team.
  • The Cowboys did that thing where they lose in a pathetic fashion.
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Los Angeles Chargers versus the Dallas Cowboys

This really should be an interesting game. During the offseason, the Cowboys got rid of their offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Literally, the day after that, the Chargers hired him to be their offensive coordinator. That means this is the vaunted 'Kellen Moore revenge game' that we’ve all been waiting for.

Unfortunately, the part of this game that’s up in the air, is whether or not the Chargers’ head coach Branden Staley actually has the capability to game plan for something like that. He’s a defensive-minded head coach, but he’s bad most of the time. It seems like there’s no real rhyme or reason to when he gets his defense to play well. 

The Chargers are coming off of a bye week, so hopefully he used his time off to figure out a game plan that can give Kellen Moore the opportunity to cook while also forcing the Cowboys (specifically quarterback Dak Prescott) to do the dumb things they have a penchant for doing.