Matchups and predictions for two Eagles NFC East rivals who battle in Week 7

  • The Eagles are still on top of their division.
  • The Cowboys are idle.
  • We still have to watch the Giants play 11 more games.
  • Big Blue battles the Commanders in Week 7.
Brian Daboll, New York Giants
Brian Daboll, New York Giants / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Commanders defense versus Giants offense

One very funny thing about the Commanders’ win in Week 6 was that they benched their first-round draft pick, and noted son of A.J. Brown, Emmanuel Forbes. It was laughable that they drafted him when they did, and it’s laughable that they benched him. Good times were had by all. 

Maybe they play Forbes this week and let him build some confidence against whoever the Giants consider a pass catcher. Right now, their leading receivers are tight end Darren Waller (28 receptions) and wide receiver Wan’Dale Robinson (22).

If Forbes was going to have a game where he could show the Commanders that drafting him wasn’t a debilitating and massive mistake, this week would probably be a good time. 

As mentioned before, Daniel Jones is the second-most-sacked quarterback in the NFL (28). Well, he didn’t play last week, and backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor was sacked four times. That’s a grand total of 32 sacks allowed by this New York Giants offensive line. They’re not much better than the Commanders. Howell is taking a beating.

Unlike the Giants, the Commanders can actually get to the quarterback and generate sacks. Their best position group is their defensive line, and they should be able to flex their muscle by getting after whoever the Giants put out there as their starting quarterback. 

Big Blue's offensive line is being held together by popsicle sticks and scotch tape right now. They just lost their guard, Shane Lemieux to a torn bicep on Wednesday’s practice, which put him on the IR. Things are really really bad on that offense and they’re not going to get better any time soon.

The decision on who the Giants’ starting quarterback will be is still up in the air, but it’s looking like it will be Daniel Jones. He was out last week with a neck injury, and he was a limited participant in Wednesday’s practice. It doesn’t really matter though, this offense is abysmal no matter who the signal caller is.

Prediction: Commanders -2.5

This is going to be the least fun game of Week 7's action, and Green Bay is playing at Denver, so that’s saying kind of a lot. The Giants offense hasn’t scored more than 20 points in all but one of their games, and that was in Week 2.

The Commanders’ offense has scored at least 20 points in all but one of their games, and that was in Week 3. This game is a race to 20, and it’s hard to think the Giants will even get off the starting line.

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