Matchups and predictions for two Eagles NFC East rivals who battle in Week 7

  • The Eagles are still on top of their division.
  • The Cowboys are idle.
  • We still have to watch the Giants play 11 more games.
  • Big Blue battles the Commanders in Week 7.

Brian Daboll, New York Giants
Brian Daboll, New York Giants / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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The New York Giants versus the Washington Commanders

No one in the world is going to tell you that the New York Giants look like world-beaters, but their defense was able to hold the Buffalo Bills to 14 points in Week 6. Now, we all know that the Bills change their offensive personality more than Sybil, so maybe they got into one of their ‘Let’s just have a really bad day’ kind of moods. It’s hard to say. 

It’s probably safe for us to just throw away any game an NFC East team plays versus the Bills. That's probably true because of Buffalo’s ludicrous level of inconsistency, so we’re just going to say, “The Giants lost in Week 6 to some team from some city,” and leave it at that. 

Giants defense versus Commanders offense

This Giants’ defense is really something else. They’re not necessarily bad against either the run or the pass, they’re just ruthlessly mediocre against both. That has to be a symptom of their offense being so bad.

Teams create leads over the Giants by throwing the ball. Then. once they establish them, they just run the ball. This is why the Giants are allowing 147 rushing yards and 221 passing yards per contest.

The most interesting aspect of this game is trying to forecast how many times quarterback Sam Howell will get sacked. This is a case of an unstoppable object meeting an immovable force.

Howell is the most sacked quarterback in the NFL by kind of a lot. He’s been introduced to the turf 34 times. Daniel Jones has been sacked 28 times. That's pro football's second-highest total. Coincidentally, the Giants’ defense has produced the game's lowest sack total (five).... FIVE!  

Five total sacks through six games... Wow! It’s truly pathetic how terrible they are at getting to the quarterback. 

Howell is on track to get sacked 96.5 times this season, which would decimate the record for the most sacked quarterback of all time (David Carr, 76 sacks in 2002) and the Giants are on track to get 14 sacks through the season. Something’s got to give in this game. 

The Commanders’ offense has been pretty weird this season. Everything says their passing offense should go through wide receivers Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson, but instead, it’s been Curtis Samuel and McLaurin.

A couple of weeks ago, it looked like running back Brian Robinson should be able to have a bounce-back game, but Atlanta threw the ball 90 straight times in a 40-20 loss to the Chicago Bears.

Last week, we said that he’d have a bounce-back game against the Atlanta Falcons and he had another dud. But this time? This time it HAS to happen. Brian Robinson is going to have a bounce-back game against the Giants.