Most winnable games on the Eagles 2024 regular-season schedule

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

There are the annual six games versus NFC East competition. There are eight games versus the NFC South and AFC North members. The Philadelphia Eagles round things out with bouts versus the Green Bay Packers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the L.A. Rams. Get this. The bye week comes early. Try a break in Week 5 on for size.

The NFL hasn't done the guys in green any favors. Sheesh... Talk about a war of attrition. On any given Sunday... You know the rest... Still, anything less than a superb effort by the Birds will be met with hostility.

This team is constructed to win and win now.

There are no 'gimmes' in the NFL, but the Eagles should be favored in each of these six contests.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a 2024-2025 schedule. As you might expect, we have already tried to forecast wins and losses.

Nothing ever comes easy in the NFL, but for a team as stacked as the Eagles are. The following six games have to be seen as being winnable. We expect Philly to be favored in all of them.

Atlanta Falcons - Week 2 (September 16th)

Here's where we are. If the Philadelphia Eagles and Falcons are both operating at peak performance, Philly is a better team than Atlanta is.

Sure the Falcons are home to some young stars, and the Eagles have typically had their issues with Kirk Cousins. It will still take Kirk some time to get used to his new home and gel with his new young teammates.

This one's to be played in the friendly confines of Lincoln Financial Field. We're expecting a 2-0 start to the season.

New Orleans Saints - Week 3 (September 22nd)

This one's on the road. It's also a game to be played in Week 3, but we expect Philly to be favored and favored fairly heftily. We can't find eight wins on New Orleans' schedule.

Typically, when prognosticating, we look at several factors. How does one team's coaching staff compare to the other's? Who has the better quarterback? How does your offense measure up against our defense (and vice versa)? In answering those questions, we kept giving the edge to Philly.

The only thing working in the Saints' favor is they own home-field advantage. Yeah... This is a game the Birds should win, and we expect them to win it by two scores.

New York Giants - Week 7 AND Week 18 (October 20th, TBD)

Look... Saquon Barkley is going to GO OFF when the Eagles face the Giants. You realize that, right? They've been poking the bear, and in Week 17 and 18, the bear's going to eat and eat hardy.

Minus a game here and there, like last year's regular-season finale, the Birds have taken control of this rivalry. The Saquon factor gives Philly some added motivation, and besides that, the Eagles are simply a much better team.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Week 9 (Nov 3rd)

We'll say what everyone else thinks (and no one else wants to say). Trevor Lawrence isn't as good as everyone keeps telling us he is. That's our story. We're sticking to it.

Sure, he's solid, but he's closer to Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr than to Joe Burrow and Josh Allen. He's a B+ at best. He isn't beating a superior roster.

He and the Jags will give Philly some issue early, but the Birds will pull away during the second half.

Carolina Panthers - Week 8 (December 8th)

Have you started noticing a trend here? The NFC South is the worst division in pro football. It has been since its members took that distinction from the NFC East, and it will continue to be bad for the foreseeable future.

No for real... Nine wins might earn someone the crown here, and those nine wins might be earned by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Welcome to Carolina's portion of the discussion. They figure to struggle their way into another top-five selection.

There just isn't much to get excited about here. The Birds host them in Week 14. By then, the Panthers may have given up hope.

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