NFL standings ordered by average scoring margin: Eagles land in the top ten

If you're still bummed despite the Eagles' 3-0 record, maybe this will cheer you up. Things may not be as bad as you're thinking.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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The 'surprising for one reason or another' tier

Everyone is this tier has surprised us for one reason or another. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons might be a little better than we thought they'd be (even though they still aren't that good). The Los Angeles Chargers are worse than we thought they'd be (again). We still can't figure out how the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Los Angeles Rams.

16. Seattle Seahawks (-0.3)
16. Los Angeles Chargers (-0.3)
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-0.3)
15. Atlanta Falcons (+0.3)

The 'Well, we thought these guys had a shot at making the playoffs' tier

Okay, so maybe we thought the Rams would be a trainwreck (and they are), but hey, they're currently ranked 11th in terms of average scoring margin. What can we say? Sometimes, things don't work out as we believe it should.

14. New Orleans Saints (+1.0)
13. Indianapolis Colts (+1.3)
12. Arizona Cardinals (+1.7)
11. Los Angeles Rams (+2.3)

Shane Steichen's Indianapolis Colts lead Doug Pederson's Jacksonville Jaguars and the rest of the AFC South with a 2-1 record. Jonathan Gannon's Arizona Cardinals humbled the Dallas Cowboys after blowing leads in both of their first two games, His squad and the L.A. Rams sit at 1-2, at the bottom of the NFC West.