NFL Week 10 schedule: Matchups and predictions for every Eagles divisional rival

  • The Eagles are idle.
  • The Cowboys are choke artists.
  • The Commanders have themselves a QB.
  • The Giants have Tommy DeVito.
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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Commanders offense vs. Seahawks defense

Sam Howell might be good. We’re not talking ‘knock your shoes off’ good, but he is ‘the Commanders might not draft a quarterback in the next couple of years’ good. That’s unfortunate for us. We know that he cooked the Eagles’ defense twice this year, but for seven weeks this year, he’s been remarkably inconsistent.

Howell has put together two consecutive games with more than 300 passing yards. This game is going to be a real test for him. The two corners that he's up against are Tariq Woolen and Devon Witherspoon. Those guys are good, very good.

The other thing that’s been helping Howell in the past couple of weeks is he hasn’t been sacked as much as he was. In Washington's first seven games, he was sacked 40 times. In the past two weeks, he was only sacked four times. The Seahawks have 27 sacks on the season (T-7th in NFL). 

If we’re talking about things getting back to normal, then Seattle should be able to get to the QB this game. Or, maybe Howell has turned the page and he’s not going to be the sack-god. That’s probably not the case, but maybe.

The Seahawks’ defensive line has been a weak spot for them. That;s why they picked up defensive end Frank Clark and defensive tackle Leonard Williams at the trade deadline.

Those guys are good and will bolster an otherwise lackluster unit. The entire Seahawks defense had a terrible game last week against the Baltimore Ravens. These guys are going to use this game to show their value and put the Commanders back in their place.

Prediction: Seahawks -6

Again, we don’t want the Seahawks to win this game, but they should be able to get out to an early lead. If that’s the case, they’ll be putting Howell in the position to have three straight games where he throws for over 300 yards. That’s something that you don’t want to bet on.

If the game is close, then the game comes down to a coaching duel between Ron Rivera and Pete Carroll. Pete could be on his deathbed and still beat Ron Rivera.

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