NFL Week 13 schedule: Matchups and predictions for the Eagles divisional rivals

  • It's still the Eagles. It's always been the Eagles.
  • The Cowboys still whomp on the weak guys.
  • The Giants won a game?
  • The Commanders hit a new low.

Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Washington Commanders
Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Washington Commanders / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Cowboys vs. Seahawks prediction: Seahawks +9

Here’s the deal: we know the Cowboys are very talented. We also know that they are finicky and weak. We know that when things go wrong for them, they snowball and the team fails. That’s why they haven’t beaten a team with a winning record this year. 

What’s fun about this game, is that the Seahawks actually do have a winning record at 6-5. They started the season off pretty hot, but in November, they only won one of five games (their sole win came versus the Washington Commanders). Their two most recent losses came against divisional opponents, so maybe the sheer amount of oddity in those games played a part in those losses. 

The Cowboys beat the tar out of bad teams. The Seahawks aren’t a bad team. They should be able to hang around for a while in this game, and if the Cowboys allow them to do that, Seattle might be able to sneak out of Jerry World with a win. 

The Washington Commanders vs. the Miami Dolphins

Buddy, I hope you have some Dolphins players on your Fantasy team this week because they’re going to feast. Washington has gone from a frisky team to a laughably sad team in just a matter of weeks. It’s been fun to watch.