NFL Week 13 schedule: Matchups and predictions for the Eagles divisional rivals

  • It's still the Eagles. It's always been the Eagles.
  • The Cowboys still whomp on the weak guys.
  • The Giants won a game?
  • The Commanders hit a new low.

Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Washington Commanders
Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Washington Commanders / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Commanders offense vs. Dolphins defense

While Sam Howell isn’t getting sacked at the record-shattering rate that he was early in the season, he’s still on track to get sacked 78 times. That would break David Carr’s record of 76 meetings with the turf long, long ago.

Truthfully, we feel bummed that Howell isn't getting sacked at the rate that he once was. It feels like we’re kind of getting ripped off to some degree.

The Commanders’ offense is incredibly mediocre. That isn't any fun. Howell hasn’t been bad or good. He’s been perfectly fine. He isn't the problem. Their running game isn’t doing much. Their wide receivers are talented, but underperforming. It’s kind of just yucky and gross, which, in reality, is awesome for us.

The Dolphins' defense is really hit or miss, but they’ve been playing a lot better since cornerback Jalen Ramsey came back from a knee injury. He’s played in four games and he has three interceptions. If there’s someone that he can pick off, it’s definitely Sam Howell. 

On Black Friday, we saw linebacker Jaelen Phillips tear his Achilles. That’s a big loss. That being said, if you’re looking to start a new linebacker, you’d want it to be in a relatively low-stakes and low-stress game. That’s this exact situation. Miami might be able to get by without him in this one.