Obvious areas for beginning the Eagles offseason roster construction

Howie Roseman has done a good job of building the Eagles' roster. Here are a few areas where we'd love to see him hone in.
Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman (pictured)
Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman (pictured) / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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One more addition may need to be added to the Eagles high-powered offense

Since acquiring A.J. Brown, the Eagles' offense has been built around getting the ball to two of the league's top receiving threats, him and DeVonta Smith. But, Philly is blessed to be home to one of the league's best tight ends in the league, Dallas Goedert.

DeVonta Smith has emerged as an effective second 'first option' at the position. He has shone brightly when A.J. Brown has been kept in check. Still, this offense lacks depth and consistency behind those three weapons. The Eagles need to add someone and soon.

Several players from last season, including Offensive Player of the Year and All-Pro Christian McCaffrey (San Francisco 49ers), spoke on how easy the Eagles' offense became to dissect, particularly before the ball is snapped. Philadelphia should be wary of repeating that mistake again next season. Adding one more playemaker to the passing and/or running game will do that.

That would take the pressure off of Brown, Smith, and Goedert. It would also give another weapon to new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

That weapon could come in the form of a third receiver, or a second tight end. Both have been needs of Philadelphia's offense. Maybe the Eagles should invest in a workhorse running back. Look for Philly to pursue better players in free agency, but they should also be players that they can afford. Don't worry. Howie Roseman is good at that.

Philadelphia has an opportunity to help set the stage for next season, which can happen with a strong offseason for the franchise. Playoff appearances are simply not enough. It's time to bring another Vince Lombardi Trophy back to Philly.

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