Often-frustrating Eagles who may be finally turning the corner

Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles
Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Derek Barnett, defensive end (the wild card)

This kind of feels like cheating. Why? Well, Derek Barnett hasn't actually turned the corner yet. Technically, he is still healing from the torn ACL he suffered in last year's regular-season opener versus the Detroit Lions. He has participated in every training camp practice but has been listed as 'limited' during each one. How do we put this? Something has to give. This is his seventh NFL season.

Everyone knows his story. Just for the sake of argument, we'll share some of it here. A former first-round draft choice (2017), Barnett was selected during an NFL Draft that was ironically hosted by the city of Philadelphia. He has been compared to Reggie White because he broke The Minister of Defense's program sack record as a member of the Tennessee Volunteers.

No one ever seems to mention that Derek appeared in 17 more games as a Vol than Reggie did. That's another story for another day though. We could also do without the Brandon Graham comparisons.

Sure, B.G. had a slow start to his career as well, but Derek isn't the same level of player as the Philly legend. We know what you're thinking. Most of this doesn't sound promising. It isn't very positive, but trust us when we tell you this. You may be tired of hearing this, but this might be Barnett's year. If he can emerge, that gives the defense another formidable weapon.

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