One of the newer Eagles already seems destined to make the initial 53-man roster

Remember when Philly made that decision to stash Isaiah Rodgers on the roster?
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

As much as we'd like to take the 'day-by-day' approach and temper our excitement, it's hard to do that consistently. The Philadelphia Eagles are loaded.

Maybe the disappointment of last season led to all of this. Everyone wants to see the Birds get on the field again and wipe those bad memories from our being.

They have been called 'top-heavy', but there are stars at every position. We know what the top half of the depth chart will look like, but who are the reserves?

The roster battles at training camp will tell the tale of Philly's depth chart. One of the most intriguing will be at the cornerback position.

There are a listed 12 sitting on the roster at the time of this story's release. That number swells to 14 if you add Cooper DeJean and Quinyon Mitchell. The former is listed as a DB, but we believe his career will start at the slot cornerback position. The latter hasn't signed his rookie deal yet.

The expectation is Philly will carry six corners on the 53-man roster. One of the new guys is beginning to look like a shoo-in.

Isaiah Rodgers is distancing himself from the competition and looks like someone who can conceivably make the Eagles' roster.

Okay, we know we're watching guys compete in shorts and without pads. We know the highlight of the offseason has been two OTA practices that were open to the media. We also know Philly was only allowed to compete in 7-on-7 drills, and those drills didn't feature any contact.

The playing field is the same for everyone though. That includes the recently reinstated Isaiah Rodgers. Let's just put it this way. It's easy to see why Philly stashed him for a year.

James Bradverry wasn't seen at either of the OTA practices that were available to the media. Darius Slay skipped the second one. That allow new guys and fresh faces to get some work in and make an impression.

Rodgers has done just that. He has played solid in coverage and has even posted some splash plays. Sure, these are 7-on-7 drills, but they shouldn't be ignored either. Rodgers hasn't missed a beat, and he may be a shoo-in to make the roster if he keeps this up through the summer.

Following Thursday's open OTA practice session, he sat with select members of the Philly media.

Yep! It's official. We like this guy already!

Isaiah Rodgers has a shot, but the other Eagles cornerbacks have no intention of lying down.

Who knows what will happen with James Bradberry. Arguments can be made for adding him to the roster and leaving him off. Some have expressed that he could be a post-June 1st cut candidate (and, he might be), but, if he sticks around, he probably makes the roster, right?

Darius Slay will make the team. So will the rookie draftees, Mitchell and DeJean. That means, again if Bradberry hangs around, that ten guys are competing for two roster spots.

Philly kept seven corners last year. That means we'll have to see what happens, but if the initial 53-man roster had to be introduced today, it would be next to impossible to leave Rodgers on the outside. This guy is good!

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