Eagles news: Jason Kelce has become a huge Jalen Carter fan

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

First things first. It has come to our attention that some of you have grown weary. Trust us on this one. You aren't alone. Don't get us wrong. No one is excusing rookie Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Jalen Carter for his lapses in judgment. We're saddened that some of his decisions have helped contribute to lost lives, and our hearts go out to the affected families, Still, it's also unfortunate that we can't mention him without hearing two words that no young man wants to hear attached to his name... character concerns.

Again, we ask that you not hear what isn't being said. Don't read what hasn't been written. We wish there was some way that we could wave a magic wand and erase one of the worst moments of Jalen Carter's life, one he is still forced to deal with. At the same time, however, Philly did their due diligence and their research. If Dom DiSandro, Philly's vice president of team security/chief security officer, has given Carter the stamp of approval. That should be good enough for all of us. He also has a locker room full of veterans that believe in him.

Eagles news: Jason Kelce offers some high praise for Jalen Carter.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time we have seen a scenario like this one. Though it's hard to believe this now, we once questioned the Green Goblin a.k.a. Jalen Mills character. Things worked out well there

Here's something else to think about. if you could rewrite history and make the picks yourselves, you probably would have taken Warren Sapp (1995) and Ray Lewis (1996) over Mike Mamula and Jermane Mayberry, right (though Mayberry was a phenomenal talent)?

We questioned Sapp and Lewis' characters as well. Remember that? In the end, we found out that those concerns were also about nothing. Here's the best part about all of this. Jalen is surrounded by former/current teammates that love him and one of the most mature locker rooms in all of the NFL

That will benefit him greatly. As far as natural talent is concerned, there's nothing to worry about Recently, Jason Kelce hung out with an old friend. He was a guest on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast, and the legend had this to say about his new teammate.

"The kid looks the part... I saw him on his top-30 visit (and) shook his hand. It was like shaking a big meat paw. He's a very musclebound, mature physically looking guy who looks like, physically, he's ready to go right away."

Jason Kelce

If you're looking for a comp, Kelce offered one of those as well. Write this one down. It's definitely worth mentioning.

"I have not seen him enough to say that. We just lost a really, really good D-tackle in (Javon) Hargrave and we still have Fletch (Fletcher Cox). He kind of reminds me on some elements of a little bit of both of those guys. He’s thick in the lower body the way Hargrave was ,but I’m going to be interested to see what his hands feel like. I’ve only noticed two players’ grip strengths in my career. One is Fletcher Cox, the other one oddly enough is Clay Matthews."

Drop the mic. We're pumped. Sure, the Birds haven't thrown on the pads yet. We're still a long way from September, but it feels like Jalen Carter landed in the best situation for him. With his talent on this team, failure isn't happening.