Eagles players who made the team last year but won't in 2023

These Eagles players enjoyed the Super Bowl run, but it all comes to an end in 2023
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3. Arryn Siposs, P

It might be the least sexy position in the game today, but punter is certainly a pain point for the Eagles. Arryn Siposs is far from a starting punter in the NFL, and the Eagles have to figure this spot out if they're going to calm the nerves of their fan base.

In the words of an Eagles fan I know personally, "No one wants him (Siposs) here."

Those are some pretty strong words; words that you must hold strong convictions about if you're going to use them in regards to a punter. But, here we are. Siposs has to be replaced.

Over his two seasons in Philadelphia, Siposs has averaged a mediocre 44.7 yards per punt. Last year, Siposs ended the season with the ninth-worst net average per punt across the league.

Philadelphia did go out and sign undrafted free agent punter Ty Zentner out of Kansas State this offseason, but he probably won't beat out Siposs for the job. In all likelihood, and in the minds of many fans, it would make more sense for the Eagles to go sign a veteran free agent. Or, they could wait until teams make their final cuts later in the offseason before finding their permanent punter.

Veterans who are still available at the position include Andy Lee and Joe Doyle.