Possible leaked photo of Eagles new kelly green jersey surfaces

Might we have earned our first look at the Philadelphia Eagles' kelly green jersey? A possible leak surfaces on Saturday.
Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins
Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Well, you had to know that this was coming. As most of us were navigating our Saturdays off and enjoying some rest and relaxation, some dropped photos on Instagram, Threads, and X of their summertime shenanigans. Others were mentally preparing for the second game of the Phillies' three-game road trip in Pittsburgh. Just about all of us were fishing for anything related to the Philadelphia Eagles, possible jersey leaks perhaps?

We were promised an official unveiling on July 31st by Philly's social media team. You had to know, at that time, eyes would be glued to just about every social media platform in hopes that there would be a leak of some sort. Shortly before 5 p.m. EST, we were granted our wish... maybe.

Might we have earned our first look at the Philadelphia Eagles' kelly green jersey?

Mini-shockwaves began at about 4:48 p.m. when Florida Boy Corey dropped a picture on X. Said picture was also posted on JAKIB Sports' handle two minutes later and by 94 WIP-FM's Eliot Shorr-Parks five minutes after that. Here's what we stumbled across.

The Eagles social media team dropped a few more clips a few hours later. Check them out.

Wait! Are those silver pants? Those of you who were around for Birds football in the 90s know exactly how big of a deal that is.

Some were curious about whether or not we'd be treated to an identical replica of the jersey we fell in love with while watching guys like Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, and Eric Allen do work on game days many moons ago. Nothing is official until it is. Again, the official reveal comes on Monday, but based on the reaction we've seen on social media, if this is an accurate depiction of Philly's new alternate jersey, they've been given the seal of approval... for the most part.

Who are we kidding? You can't make every member of the Eagles fan base happy. Some are pumped other are not, but a little nostalgia never hurt anything or anyone.