Playing 'pick' or 'pass' with some of the best Eagles' 2023 prop bets

The NFL season is here! Ahead of Week 1's game versus the Patriots, there are several Eagles prop bets that could be worth your attention.
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
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Prop Bet #2: Jalen Hurts Over 21.5 Regular Season Total Passing TDs (-122)

Similar to the first prop bet, the second one focuses on Jalen Hurts's passing production. Hurts threw for 22 touchdowns in his 15 regular season games last season, causing his line to sit at 21.5 for 2023.

The odds for the over-hitting are -122, making this a relatively enticing bet to look at. Hurts should be able to find more passing touchdowns this season, as the Eagles should be in more tightly contested games. There is also the possibility that some of Hurts's rushing touchdowns turn into passing touchdowns, raising his final number even further.

Considering the weapons at his disposal and his overall talent level, there is no reason why Hurts should not be able to eclipse 21 touchdowns. In fact, I'd argue that Hurts lands closer to 30 passing touchdowns.

Verdict: PICK