3 possible nightmare scenarios for the 2023 Eagles season

How about we just avoid anything and everything that closely resembles the 2020 season? That was a nightmare through and through, one the Eagles want to avoid in 2023.
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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Fingers are crossed that nothing goes wrong for the Eagles in 2020.

We’ve covered a lot this offseason, and after much discussion, everyone has their theories on what they hope to see from what could be a dream 2023 Philadelphia Eagles campaign. We’ve talked about some sweet, sweet puppy dog dreams. We’ve talked about fever dreams that make you question your own sanity. Unfortunately, now we have to talk about the nightmares. 

We’ve seen the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Birds season happen from time to time, most recently in 2020. It’s best to expect the best but be prepared for the worst. To be as clear as possible, this is NOT a manifestation. We're going to rule out season-ending injuries. No one wants to see those, and we don't need any bad mojo.

Nightmare scenarios come in all shapes and sizes though, and as sad as we are to say this, it's hard to avoid the temptation of, at times, asking 'what if?'. With that being said, let's discuss a few nightmare scenarios while keeping our fingers crossed in hopes of the best. The last thing we want is a repeat of the 4-11-1 2020 Eagles regular season.

Think about this like sleep therapy: if we talk about the nightmares now then they’ll go away and never show their face again. It’s time to tell your sleep-paralysis demon to get the hell out of here.