3 possible nightmare scenarios for the 2023 Eagles season

How about we just avoid anything and everything that closely resembles the 2020 season? That was a nightmare through and through, one the Eagles want to avoid in 2023.
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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Nightmare scenario #1: What if Goliath wins and the Giants finally learn how to stop Boston Scott.

There have only been a few instances where one player owns a rival franchise. Notable examples are Aaron Rodgers' mastery over the Chicago Bears and what Tom Brady' has done to the AFC East, especially the Buffalo Bills.

Those guys never failed to put up staggering numbers against their respective rivals. That brings us to Boston Scott who has more than earned his seat at that table as a thorn in the side to the New York Giants. 

Just how dominant is he? In the nine games that he’s played against the Giants, he’s carried the ball 92 times for 446 yards (4.8 yards per carry). He has scored ten touchdowns. Add in his 17 receptions for 222 yards (13 yards per catch) and his one receiving TD, and we're discussing bonkers efficiency

Now, we’ll look at the other 49 games that he’s played. He’s at four yards per carry with six touchdowns, 5.8 yards per catch, and zero receiving touchdowns. That’s a decrease of .8 yards per carry, 7.2 yards per catch, and four fewer touchdowns. 

Some of this isn't on Boston. He has to be given the opportunities. For some reason, the Birds have never given him any versus other teams, but still, you get the idea. What if the G-Men find the elixir though?

The nightmare scenario here is that the Giants discover Kryptonite and turn Boston Scott into a human. It’s not necessarily the biggest threat to the entire season, but it would significantly decrease the quality and enjoyment of life.

These age-old rivals meet in Week 16 for a game on Christmas… Give me BoSco in a Santa Claus hat or cancel the holiday completely.