Potential Eagles free-agent targets who aren't being discussed often enough

We'd like to offer some unsolicited advice to the Eagles about free-agent options even though we fear the guys on this list aren't on theirs.

Christian Wilkins, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Christian Wilkins, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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So, this is what agony feels like. They say time heals all wounds. They lied to us... Or, maybe we just haven't waited long enough. We have long placed Championship Sunday in our rearview mirrors, and we don't feel as though we're inching any closer toward true healing. Let us get this straight. Did we really watch 272 regular-season games and a dozen more in the NFL Playoffs to witness an epic collapse by our Philadelphia Eagles along the way?

Are we really going to have to subject ourselves to a Super Bowl featuring the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs? This has to be the bottom!

No, we're being serious here. We demand a refund, but while we wait on one that may never come, we've shifted to another offseason, the free-agency cycle. and our attempts to offer Philly some unsolicited advice.

Howie Roseman and company may look to write a few checks to upgrade a few positions and fill some obvious roster holes. The guys on this list may not be a part of that building process, but we choose to evoke our creative license and offer theories for why they should be.

Christian Wilkins, defensive interior, Miami Dolphins

No team scours the NFL landscape for proven talent at the defensive tackle position quite like Philadelphia. Few have proven to be better potential free-agent options at that position than Christian Wilkins.

He, Chris Jones (Kansas City Chiefs), and Justin Madubuike (Baltimore Ravens) are the cream of this year's crop. Wilkins, however, is also familiar with the scheme of new Eagles defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

Wilkins hoped for a deal this past offseason and didn't get one. He chose to prove his mettle on the gridiron. 65 total tackles, nine sacks, and a forced fumble were the result of his efforts. Who wouldn't take that type of production in Philly?