Potential Eagles free-agent targets who aren't being discussed often enough

We'd like to offer some unsolicited advice to the Eagles about free-agent options even though we fear the guys on this list aren't on theirs.
Christian Wilkins, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Christian Wilkins, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown, wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals

Rather than spend so much time entertaining thoughts of grandeur (i.e. re-signing Quez Watkins and hoping he suddenly morphs into the guy we were promised and never received), why not find a guy that can run AND catch? Rather than find marginal guys with talent Philly will never use (or develop) why not find a slot guy that's of the plug-and-play variety?

We liked Zach Pascal. He's actually a better receiver than Philly allowed him to be. Don't get us started on Olamide Zaccheaus, but if the latter isn't retained, which we wouldn't mind, Hollywood Brown could provide some explosion.. and so would the next guy on this list.

Calvin Ridley, wide receiver, Jacksonville Jaguars

You're aware of the fact that Calvin Ridley was on Philly's radar before A.J. Brown arrived correct? Questionable judgment call aside, he still has the stuff to elevate a good team's receiving corps.

Some might argue that adding a player of this caliber creates issues with a DeVonta Smith extension (and lessens targets for DeVonta and A.J.). Here's the thing though. DeVonta has a fifth-year option built into his deal which would mean we won't have to discuss a huge pay increase for two more seasons.

A world where A.J., DeVonta, and Calvin take the field for the same offense may only exist in Fantasy football and Madden's MUT (Ultimate Team Mode). That's why guys like DeAndre Hopkins aren't here. That's probably enough of a reason to disqualify Brown and Ridley from the discussion. Still, daydreaming about a trio like this forces one to smile.