Ranking the 5 EDGE splash signings the Eagles must pursue in free agency

Long story short, the Eagles have some money to throw around this offseason, and we'd like to see them spend some on an edge rusher.
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2. Brian Burns, Carolina Panthers

Brian Burns has been the subject of a few mock Eagles trades with the Carolina Panthers over the past two seasons. His addition to Philly's roster has been rumored for a while. If we're being honest, our staff started a lot of those rumors. The reasons why are obvious.

Carolina has held him hostage more often than not, but he's wasting a lot of prime years in a bad organization for a bad football franchise. Something tells us he'd like to play for a winner.

1. Josh Allen, Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Allen has always been special, but he's seemingly getting better with age. Following a 2022 campaign where he truly made a name for himself despite playing in a smaller market, he turned the pressure cooker up higher in 2023.

Allen racked up 90 quarterback pressures and 19 sacks this past season. Both numbers represent career highs. According to Pro Football Focus, he stacked a 20.5% pass-rush win rate. Yeah, that would be helpful for Philly.

Allen will land one of the most expensive deals of the offseason, if not the most expensive. Might the Birds be the ones to write the check? No one should complain if they do.

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