Ranking the 5 second-tier EDGE free agents the Eagles must pursue in free agency

  • The Eagles have money to spend.
  • They need edge rushers.
  • They'd still be wise to avoid overspending.
  • Here are a handful of guys that might make some sense.

Jonathan Greenard, Philadelphia Eagles
Jonathan Greenard, Philadelphia Eagles / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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So, here's the thing about that Vic Fangio scheme that everyone keeps raving about. It involves very little blitzing, but by creating confusion, teams that run a variation tend to get to the opposing team's quarterback often. We saw that last year during his one-and-done run with the Miami Dolphins. We saw it in the City of Brotherly Love when Jonathan Gannon ran a variation in 2022 as the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive coordinator. Both of those teams set franchise records for sacks, but here's an issue.

Philly took a step back this time around as a team that has some dudes failed to create consistent pressure on the opposing offensive signal-callers toward the end of the campaign. That brings us back to Fangio. There's hope that the Birds' pass rush will improve under his watch, but that being said, there's a need for more talent.

We've looked at a handful of guys who would make waves in Eagles Land if the Birds found themselves interested in making a splash signing at the position. If they determine, however, that going the cost-effective route is the move, some guys fit that bill. Here are five that come to mind almost immediately.

Let's rank them. Let us know if your list looks like ours.

5. Andrew Van Ginkel, Miami Dolphins

Here's someone that Vic Fangio might like. We know that they know each other well. They spent the most recent season together in Miami with the Dolphins, and when Jaelan Phillips went down with an injury, it was Andrew Van Ginkel that got his number called.

There are times when it appears that Van Ginkel isn't getting much done. He can be schemed out of production or swallowed up by blockers, but when he does earn his opportunity (and he earns quite a few every contest), he can be relied upon to make plays often.

If Fangio is looking for a little familiarity, this kid nmakes sense. You still want to keep an eye on the other guys on our list though.