Ranking the Eagles versus every NFL team using projected win totals as the meter

So, we found our way to BETMGM, and you can probably already guess what happened.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

There may not be a more gratifying feeling than being 'in the know'. There may not be anything more fun than prognostication, especially if you're right about your guess. Think about it. We all counted what we thought were wins and losses on the Philadelphia Eagles' schedule as soon as the schedule was released. Don't you act like we were the only ones who tried it! It won't be long before we all see where the chips fell. 

Think about it if you have a moment. That rush we get from being right is why we dream up bold predictions... or call those betting sportsbooks and place wagers, whichever comes first or produces the most success. 

With thoughts of a stacked roster and new additions that may shine, we move on from OTAs. Philly's first mandatory minicamp under Nick Sirianni is next. We hope the coming season yields lots of winning and losses by the Eagles' rivals. Raise your hand if you're already making predictions.

Here's a ranking of every NFL team using projected win totals as our criteria.

Just for kicks, as we turned the calendar from May to June, we ranked all 32 NFL teams by projected win totals. Thank BETMGM for providing the projections.

They recently offered those for every NFL franchise. Does their ranking look like yours? How do the Eagles stack up versus some of the better NFC squads? We're glad you asked. Here's the list from top to bottom (we were bored so we decided to dream up some tiers.

The elite?

San Francisco 49ers - 11.5
Kansas City Chiefs - 11.5
Baltimore Ravens -11.5

Most saw these three teams as the cream of the crop as we ventured through the regular season. By the looks of things, heading into 2024, no one is backing off that stance.

The Niners, Chiefs, and Ravens are well-coached and will field near-elite rosters. They figure to be in the thick of things again this time around.

The not quite elite but better than above average tier

Philadelphia Eagles - 10.5
Buffalo Bills - 10.5
Cincinnati Bengals - 10.5
Dallas Cowboys - 10.5
Detroit Lions - 10.5

The Eagles, Cowboys, and Lions are expected to be among the NFC's most competitive teams, and it appears Vegas has them all on relatively equal footing. We believe the Birds will sin the NFC East, and we're calling for somewhere around 13 wins. Write it down.

Possible playoff contenders

Miami Dolphins - 9.5
Atlanta Falcons - 9.5
New York Jets - 9.5
Green Bay Packers - 9.5
Houston Texans - 9.5

The Falcons play in a weak NFC South division. That alone might earn them somewhere between four and six wins. The rest of this list looks pretty respectable as the only other potential surprise here is the New York Jets. Aaron Rodgers makes them better by simply staying on the field.

Fringe playoff teams (maybe)

Chicago Bears - 8.5
Cleveland Browns - 8.5
L.A. Chargers - 8.5
Indianapolis Colts - 8.5
Jacksonville Jaguars - 8.5
L.A. Rams - 8.5

Welcome to a list of teams that may eventually show the potential to contend at some point even though they probably aren't ready to contend right now.

Everyone else

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 7.5
New York Giants -7.5
New Orleans Saints - 7.5
Seattle Seahawks - 7.5
Pittsburgh Steelers - 6.5
Arizona Cardinals - 6.5
Las Vegas Raiders - 6.5
Tennessee Titans - 6.5
Minnesota Vikings - 6.5
Washington Commanders - 6.5
Denver Broncos - 5.5
New England Patriots - 5.5
Carolina Panthers - 4.5

While some of the teams on this list could be argued into the 'fringe' list. Most will look at this grouping of names and find it easy to agree with Vegas's theory.

Thank goodness the Birds aren't mentioned here.

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