Ranking every Eagles 2024 opponent based on projected win totals

The Eagles face a potential gauntlet. Here's what Vegas thinks of the competition.
Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Every time we think about why we're Philadelphia Eagles and NFL fans, we find ourselves circling back around to the same theories. First things first. We're fans of competition, but we also love the unpredictable nature of competitive sports, especially where football is concerned.

We realize some of you correctly predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers would land in last year's Super Bowl and that you may scoff at the idea of pro football being 'unpredictable'. You get the idea though. The NFL prides itself on parity, and for the most part, they have achieved such. 

Curiosity seems to lock us in every season. This year will be no different. The Birds have retooled with what we hope is a squad that finds its way to a game that will be played in February.

The salary cap, free agency, and NFL Draft do their part to contribute to the 'every team has a chance' business model. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes,  the rich simply get richer.

The coming NFL season figures to be competitive. It's one where we'll see many surprises. The Birds have a decent chance to be dominant.

Let's rank every Eagles opponent based on projected win totals.

At the time of this story's publishing, we await the NFL's 2024 schedule release. Naturally, we've been throwing the fishing line out in an attempt to find digestible theories and hot takes. Somehow, our search led us to those Vegas casinos.

BETMGM recently released expected win totals of every NFL team. We took the liberty of ranking every Eagles 2024 opponent based on the number they were given.

1. Baltimore Ravens - 11.5
2. Cincinnati Bengals - 10.5
2. Dallas Cowboys - 10.5
4. Atlanta Falcons - 9.5
4. Green Bay Packers -9.5
6. Cleveland Browns - 8.5
6. Jacksonville Jaguars - 8.5
6. Los Angeles Rams - 8.5
9. New Orleans Saints - 7.5
9. Pittsburgh Steelers - 7.5
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 7.5
12. New York Giants - 6.5
12. Washington Commanders - 6.5
14. Carolina Panthers - 4.5

Philly has done a good job at piecing together a preseason cast that hopefully leads us to a 53-man roster that can compete with anyone. The same can be said about their NFC East rivals. They have been working as well, some more than others (sorry, not sorry Dallas fans). Philly should rise as the cream of the crop though. From top to bottom, they own the most talented roster.

Each team will face some stiff competition, but it appears that the Birds have an easier schedule than their rivals. At least that's how it statistically looks on paper.

The Birds face the NFC South (that may have much to do with the number). They also tackle the AFC North as will the Cowboys, Giants, and Commanders. The Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Los Angeles Rams serve as the competition in Philly's final three games. We can't wait.

Hopefully, that first game versus the Packers in Brazil comes quickly. Fingers are crossed for a 1-0 start to the season.

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