Rating Eagles star A.J. Brown's mini-tantrum and other recent sideline blowups of recent memory

So, we came up with a sliding scale and rated A.J. Brown's recent mini-tantrum. Then, we did the same with a few other sideline displays of recent memory.
A.J. Brown v Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown v Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Jonathan Allen punches Daron Payne. Enough said.

If you missed this one, you missed a treat. In Week 16 of the 2021 NFL season, the Washington Football Team was in the middle of a losing streak and on their way to dropping a 56-14 blowout loss versus the hated Dallas Cowboys. 

During the second quarter, Dallas stretched the lead to 28-7, and Washington's defensive line was playing poorly. Well, it turns out defensive linemen Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne weren't in agreement on whose fault it was. Sometimes, that's the case, but rather than talk things out, what we saw was a classic ‘Trial by Combat’.

Here's what's unfortunate. This isn't even the worst sideline debacle we have seen, which is funny given how terrible this was. 

Rating: five out of Five Anger Points