Rating Eagles star A.J. Brown's mini-tantrum and other recent sideline blowups of recent memory

So, we came up with a sliding scale and rated A.J. Brown's recent mini-tantrum. Then, we did the same with a few other sideline displays of recent memory.
A.J. Brown v Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown v Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Antonio Brown strips and quits.

Well, you had to know that this was coming. Welcome to the worst of the worst. Hell, much of the reason this story was written was so we could talk about this and prove once and for all that A.J. Brown's outbursts pale in comparison to others.

There’s not a whole lot to say about that. It’s the worst. Antonio Brown was, at one point, the most dominant wide receiver in the NFL. His journey ended when he took off his pads, his gloves, and his shirt and proceeded to jog to the tunnel.

Yes, friends. He even did some jumping jacks while running through the endzone... all while there was still a game going on. This is and forever will be one of the most bizarre and unforgettable temper tantrums this world has ever seen.

Rating: six out of five Anger Points

So, in closing, how should we view A.J. Brown when we look at all of that?

On the 0-5 scale that we’ve built here, it’s probably close to .25. No one is acting like a baby. No one is throwing a full-blown tantrum. No one tried to punch a hole in the face of a teammate, and clearly, no one performed a strip tease.

Things are fine in Eagle Land. Hell, A.J. was upset when he wasn’t getting the ball in the Divisional Round of the playoffs last year when the Eagles were winning by 31 points. Of course, he's going to want the ball when his team is struggling.

In short, he’s just a competitor who wants to flex his muscles. The big dawg wants to eat, and Philly would be foolish not to feed him.

Rating: .25 out of five Anger Points

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