Reasons for optimism and confidence in the Eagles cornerbacks ahead of Philly's 2023 season

There is talent everywhere on the Eagles' defense, but the cornerbacks may have the most impact on Philadelphia's success.
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
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The Eagles field arguably the best cornerback duo in football in Darius Slay and James Bradberry.

The Eagles' business model of roster-building is well-known. The line is the core. The secondary can, at times, be the afterthought. The safeties often get the short end of the stick. In a passing league, stellar cornerback play is essential. So is depth. Phiilly's reserves could play a huge role in the team's success.

Everything in the secondary starts with Darius Slay and James Bradberry, the two superstar cornerbacks of the vaunted Eagles' defense.

Slay is 32 years old. He enters his fourth season with Philadelphia. He enjoyed success as a member of the Detroit Lions but has seen his star burn brighter while playing on a better team. So far, his Eagles resume reads as follows: 166 tackles, seven interceptions, 29 pass breakups, and three defensive touchdowns.

Opposite of Slay is James Bradberry in the defensive formation. He is a seven-year veteran who spent time with the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants before arriving in Philly. In his first season with the Eagles, he stacked 44 tackles, three interceptions, and 17 pass breakups during the regular season before tacking on ten more tackles, two more pass breakups, and an interception in the postseason.

Expect big things in 2023 from Philly's all-star duo. If they can duplicate what they did last season, this could be a lot of fun.