Recent superior performance by Eagles star A.J. Brown lands him under NFL's microscope

We thought about ignoring this story about an A.J. Brown random drug test. There's just one problem. This is the second time this has happened after a big game.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Playing in the NFL isn't a right or a lifetime assignment. Carson Wentz never learned that. Think about it. As soon as he was forced to stare into competition's face and look over his shoulder (Nick Foles, A.J. Brown), he wilted and forced the Philadelphia Eagles to put on kid's gloves in their handling of his fragile ego.

For the most part, the majority of the guys who have come through Philly's locker room figure it out. Every snap is earned. Some learn that the hard way. Others don't need to be taught. A.J. Brown falls in the latter category.

Everything about A.J. demonstrates that he respects the game. He's thankful for what he has earned, but if anyone had any wiggle room to complain about his treatment, it might be the guy who made everyone forget that Carson Wentz once wore his jersey number.

You won't believe what's going on now.

Eagles stars A.J. Brown and Reed Blankenship receive random drug tests from the NFL following Philly's win in Week 4.

Yep! There's no need to adjust your desktop monitors or change the resolution on your tablets. Following the Philadelphia Eagles' Week 4 victory over the Washington Commanders, two of their starters were asked to take 'random' drug tests. This coincidentally comes on the heels of a game in which Reed racked up eight total tackles and Brown snagged nine passes for 175 yards and reached the end zone twice.

Now, don't read what hasn't been written. We aren't here to state the NFL has some grudge against A.J. Brown. Sure, there's 'cleat gate' and Swole Batman's decision to rock out with some pink kicks all game long versus the Commanders. This came after he was forced to change his footwear on Monday Night Football when league offices informed the Eagles equipment staff that his attire violated the uniform policy. That isn't what we're talking about. Frankly we get both sides of the discussion.

A.J. plays for his family and wants his young daughter to be able to spot him without complication. Pro football has its rules. Again, understand this. We get both sides. All we're saying is this though.

It seems rather strange that he was 'randomly' selected for drug testing following a superior outing versus a divisional rival. We'd probably even let this slide. There's just one issue. The same thing happened last season. Following a three-touchdown effort versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was 'randomly' selected post-game.

Was that also a coincidence? It makes one scratch their head, right? That's all we're saying. Oh, and by the way. For those that may be interested, A.J. passed his drug test, so yeah... There's that.

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