Satisfying every Eagles roster need by stealing two players from every NFC East rival

There is always room for improvement. There are always guys on other teams that we wish played for the Eagles.
Azeez Ojulari, Philadelphia Eagles roster
Azeez Ojulari, Philadelphia Eagles roster / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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The 2023 Philadelphia Eagles are shaping up to have the strongest roster in the NFL for a second straight season. They lost guys, including their top two tacklers and both starting safeties. Despite that, they'll win and win often. There are, however, obviously still positions of need and areas where they need help. 

Since we have some free time, let's bend a few rules. What if we could ignore the salary cap and dead money? What if the Eagles had a free license to steal players from other teams in the NFC East with no financial consequence? What if Philadelphia's process of roster building looked more like Fantasy football?

Each NFC East team has talented players to choose from. It is always fun to see the surprise additions. We'll call them the 'sick picks'. You can equate that to picking up the phone, reading the headline, and saying 'Woah, that guy is an Eagle now? That is sick.” Get ready to high-five the person sitting next to you.

We have 'sick picks' and 'smart picks' for entertainment. The latter consists of the wiser additions that fill positions of need. In Philly's case, we're talking safeties, linebackers, right guard, and a punter. Just for kicks, we've combed the rosters of every NFC East rival and found two guys that could contribute to this Eagles team immediately. Here's what we came up with.