Satisfying every Eagles roster need by stealing two players from every NFC East rival

There is always room for improvement. There are always guys on other teams that we wish played for the Eagles.
Azeez Ojulari, Philadelphia Eagles roster
Azeez Ojulari, Philadelphia Eagles roster / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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The Eagles would guarantee themselves a season sweep of the Washington Commanders by stealing these two stars.

Sick Pick: Terry McLaurin - Wide Receiver

If, for some reason, they ever lost Terry McLaurin, the Washington Commanders would be one of the three most boring teams to watch in the NFL. That is a lot of power for one man to have. Still, if we are playing some real-life Fantasy football, why wouldn’t we strengthen the Eagles by grabbing one of Washington's most powerful men?

Smart Pick: Kamren Curl - Safety

Man, if you think the Eagles have an issue at safety, you should look at the rest of the NFC East rosters. You won't find a ton of great ones. Kamren Curl is pretty good though.

He has been described as “Secretly Elite” which is not necessarily the adjective you want placed on you if you actually are elite. Think about it. If you were described as such, you’d probably want people to look at you and say, “Oh, he’s good” instead of saying “Hey, that guy low-key doesn’t suck.”

Listen, we all like Reed Blankenship and would love it if he ended up being pretty good and a long-term answer at the position, but if we’re being realistic, the chances are pretty low that an undrafted rookie free agent will wind up being a key piece of the Eagles’ defense for years to come. Hell, it’s impressive that he wasn’t a liability in any of his four starts. More often than not, that’s kind of a UDFA’s ceiling.